Welcome to Little Corn Island Real Estate

Little Corn Island is a special place off the coast of Nicaragua in the Caribbean Sea. The island itself is roughly 1 square mile and located 55 miles off the coast of mainland Nicaragua. Tourism and lobster fishing are the primary drivers of the economy with tourism steadily increasingly annually.

Little Corn is the smallest of two islands that comprise the Corn Islands. Big Corn is the larger one that is roughly 3 times the size and considerably more developed. Little Corn Island is a 7 mile panga ride from Big Corn and is the quintessential unspoiled Caribbean beach paradise. There are no roads, cars or even motorized vehicles. The word freedom comes to mind when thinking of this small island.

There are roughly 700 full time inhabitants who speak English, Creole and Spanish. Most locals are living in or around the village on the west coast across from Big Corn Island and near the pier. There is lots of land for sale  and some houses for sale but the problem is finding them. This site was built to help people get the access they need regarding real estate on Little Corn Island.

Our aim is to be the source to find land for sale, home rentals and other real estate arrangements on Little Corn Island. No matter what you do, always come visit a property and get a feel for the place before making any commitment.

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